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white people be like oh my god what’s happening in ferguson is horrible I’m so glad my imprelatsic european country that colonized 3/4s of the world or  white colony that gained independence and proceeded to kill off the native population doesn’t have institutionalized racism like those crazy americans

Quit posting absolute bullshit and get over the fact that a fucking criminal was put to rest that day. If he would have never stole from the store, he most likely wouldn't have had contact with police that day. If he would have never assaulted the officer and reached for his gun, he wouldn't have took a bullet to the skull. #justicehasbeenserved


Even if he stole Rellos, would he get the death penalty? No.

Even if he stole an officer’s gun, would he get the death penalty? No.

Even if he punched a cop, would he get the death penalty? No.

Never mind the end of that video shows Mike Brown paying for his Rellos.

Never mind the store owner said there was no robbery and that no one working for him reported it.

Never mind the police chief said Darren Wilson did not know Mike Brown was a “suspect” in a robbery — he was stopped for walking in the street versus on the sidewalk.

Never mind the autopsy report that says he was shot from nearly 35ft away.

Never mind that report shows wounds consistent with him being shot with his hands in the air.

Ultimately, you have one White cop who gunned down yet another unarmed Black man, a police force that has not been at all forthcoming with any answers, and a Black community tired of their children being murdered for shit as simple as walking down the street. That same police force (accompanied by National Guard and Missouri Highway Patrol) has used violence to try to quell peaceful protest.

When looting broke out, the people in that community banded together to PROTECT local businesses from the looters who looked a fuckton like your shitstain self.

Here’s a newsflash, cockwagon: If you stole Rellos, your ass might spend a few hours in a holding cell. You might stay overnight. But you’re never gonna be thought of as a suspect right off the bat by a cop when you’re just walking down the street with a pal. You’re never gonna have to worry if your hoodie makes you suspect. You’re never gonna have to wonder if a traffic stop is going to end in your murder.

And if you go all mass shooter on us, which White boys like yourself are wont to do, rest assured your legacy will be burnished with sympathetic interviews bemoaning how such a good boy went wrong. The media will not pour through your social media profiles looking for the most “thug” picture of you mean mugging for the camera. In fact, if you have a gun selfie on your Facebook, you’re just standing up for your Second Amendment rights. Of course you’re not a thug like THOSE people, amirite?

Also, you’ll be a hell of a lot more likely to be taken alive after committing mass murder than a young Black man who was simply suspect for walking down the street, or holding his wallet, or who fit the description — that catchall justification beloved by policemen everywhere. Or even a young Black woman seeking help after a car crash. If you pound on a stranger’s door, you’re getting a ambulance instead of a bullet in the face.

Take your impotent Wonderbread™ White supremacist opinions elsewhere, son, because I am fresh out of fucks to give and won’t be restocking any time soon.

P.S. Your wrong as fuck hashtag up there means as much as your opinions. I think you forgot how to internet.


African Holocaust


African Holocaust


how the hell was ghandi racist



  • In response to his arrest in South Africa, he was quoted as saying: “We were marched off to a prison intended for K***irs… We could understand not being classed with whites, but to be placed on the same level as the Natives seemed too much to put up with. K***irs are as a rule uncivilized.”
  • In regards to the Holocaust, he said that “the Jews of Germany made the mistake of submitting to Hitler”, going on to then say that [“The Jews”] should have committed mass suicide.  Also, he wrote a letter to Hitler that started with the words “My friend”.
  • He was a pedophile who molested his grand-nieces  (He also forced one of these nieces to walk through a jungle that was known to harbor rapists, just so that she could retrieve a pumice stone that he wanted to use on his feet. When she returned in tears, he laughed and said “If some ruffian had carried you off and you had met your death courageously, my heart would have danced with joy.”)

Does anybody have anything they’d like to add?


"hello police… yeah i need you to come over here right now these indecent THUGS are acting indecent… i think she’s reaching for his gun, please hurry"



"hello police… yeah i need you to come over here right now these indecent THUGS are acting indecent… i think she’s reaching for his gun, please hurry"

Nothing like ’90s R&B.


N I C K I  M I N A J | A N A C O N D A


I’m really bored right now


I’m really bored right now


“A Due Colori”  is photographic series by Alberto

on a Behance

 “Color Bomb” and “Spectacular Paint in water.”